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Conditional sentence 1st Part । Best Note Based on Various Job & Admission Exam


Conditional sentence

Conditional Sentence গুলো সাধারণত Complex Sentence হয়ে থাকে। Conditional sentence গুলোতে সবসময় দুটি Part থাকে। একটি Condition Part বা শর্তযুক্ত If clause বা Sub ordinate Clause এবং অন্যটি হচ্ছে Main Clause বা Result Part.

Conditional sentence মূলত ৪ প্রকার

a. Zero Conditional

b. First Conditional

c. 2nd Condition

d. 3rd Conditional

Conditional Sentence

A) Zero Conditional: (Real conditional)

এ ক্ষেত্রে দুটি Clause’ই সত্য অর্থাৎ Universal truth, Observational truth, Habitual truth হতে হবে।

Structure / গঠনপ্রণালীঃ

Rule 1: If+Present Indefinite, Present Indefinite

Rule 2: Present Indefinite +If+ Present Indefinite

Rule 3: If + Past Indefinite, Past Indefinite

Practice / অনুশীলনঃ

1. If you hit ice, it melts.

2. If he has time, he visits us next Friday.

3. If you buy one t-shirt, you get the second one free.

4. If you stay too long in the sun, your sun burns

5. If it is winter, it feels cool

6. If it is summer, it feels hot

7. If a substance is cohesive, it tends to tends to stick toget

8.Water boils if you heat it to 100”centigrade

9. If I asked her to come with us, she always said no.

B) Frist conditional (Real condition)

Structure / গঠনপ্রণালীঃ

Rule 1: If+ Present Indefinite tense, Future Indefinite

Rule 2: Future Indefinite +if+ Present Indefinite

Practice / অনুশীলনঃ

1. If Alen asks me, I will email the documents

2. If a ruby is heated it will temporarily lose its colour

3. If the parliamentary body approves, the bill will be placed in the parliament

4. If it rains, we will play Ludo

5. If you make delay, you will miss the train

6. If forests and destroyed, wild animals will lose their natural inhabitation

7. If he runs fast, he will win the prize

8. If he has time, he will visit um next Friday

9. If you paint the picture well, they will hang it in the exhibition

10. Rokeya will be dismissed from her post it she late again

11. If the price is low, the demand will increase

12. If you do not complete the work, you will be punished

C. Second Conditional (Unreal condition)

Structure / গঠনপ্রণালীঃ

Rule 1: If + Past Indefinite + Sub + would/could+might + Verb (base form) +extension

Rule 2: If + Sub + were+………., Sub + would/could+might + Verb (base form) +extension

Practice / অনুশীলনঃ

1. If I were a millionaire, I would help the poor/help every worth cause

2. If your sister were invited, she would come

3. If I had a camera, I would take some photographs

4. If I found a bag in the street, I would take it to the police

5. I would be pleasant/better if we knew where bag

6. If I were you, I wouldn’t tell anyone about this

7. I could go for a drive if today were Saturday

8. If the party was on Friday, we could go

9. If we had a boat, we would cross the river

10. If I knew the answer, I’d tell you

11. I would tell you the answer, If I knew what it was

12. If teaching paid more, fewer teacher/students would leave the procession

13. I should keep quit I were you

14. If I lived near my office, I would be in time for work

15. If you were in  my position, what would you do?

16. If he had the money, he would buy a car

17. If my father were richer, I would be allowed to nave car

18. If I found a lost dog, I would return it to its owner

19. If he came, I would go

20. If the sun didn’t shine, fruits would not ripper

21. If I was you, I would never do it

22. If I were a prince, I would not know what sorrow

23. If I was you, I would not mention it to her

24. If cigarettes were banded, life would become healthier

25. If I were you, I would handle the situation more carefully

26. What would you do it you awn ten lakh taka?

27. If I were millionaire, I would have removed poverty

28. If you did not complete the work, you would be punished

D. Third Conditional (Unreal condition)

Structure / গঠনপ্রণালীঃ

Rule 1: If + past perfect (subject+had+v3 + subject + would/could/might + have + V3 + extension

Rule 2: বাক্যে যদি If না থাকে তাহলে Had দ্বারা Condition Part আরম্ভ হবে।

Had + Subject +V3, Subject + would/could/might + have + V3+……………..

Practice / অনুশীলনঃ

1.This could have worked it I had been more cautious

2. This could have marked if I had been mor far sighed

3. If she had painted the picture, she could have signed in the corner

4. If the police had come earlier, they could have arrested the bunglar

5. He would have been arrested if he had tried to leave the country

7. What would have happened if the bridge had broken

8. If I had known you were coming, I would have gone to the station.

9. No one would have had told

10. Had I been in your situation, I would have accepted the offer

11. If you had not completed the work, you would have been punished

12. If you had worked in that way, you would be rich now.

Exception / ব্যতিক্রমঃ

If+ Sub এর পরে be verb সর্বদাই were হয়।

Rule: If + Sub + were + , + Sub+ would have + V3+..হবে।

Practice / অনুশীলনঃ

1. If I were a bird, I would have flown in the sky

2. If I were millionaire, I would have removed poverty

3. If I were you, I would not have done this.

Sentence সম্পর্কে পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুনঃ

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